Turkish Colourful Ceramic Bowls are some of the finely sculpted bowls that are loved by people across the world. They're ideal for presenting tapas, nuts, and mezes, as well as working as a pinch pot in the kitchen, an office accessory for supplies, a ring holder, and just brightening up any environment. Please keep in mind that because each piece is handmade, each one will be slightly distinct and unique. Turkish bowl made of ceramic clay that has been handcrafted and painted. Each piece is totally made by hand, including the shaping, painting, and glazing. The glaze has a lovely sheen to it, with elevated designs and a lovely depth of colour mix.

Well, they are commonly used as a means of decorating home walls or simply can be used for eating purpose. As they are very delicate and fragile at use, it is mandatory to be washed only through hands. If ceramic bowls are washed in dish washer, you might end up breaking it – after all, they are termed to be one of the most expensive and creative crockery in the world.

During the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods, the ceramic bowl was a prominent artistic and cultural centre, and its quartz tiles were renowned all over the world. Iznik ceramics, Iznik ceramic bowls, and Iznik potteries can all be found in this section. Turkish Ceramics and pottery, like so many other objects in our collection, eloquently portrays the exquisite wealth of nature while presenting a story of the past in graphic harmony. Yet, if you’re planning to gift something to someone special – ceramic bowls are considered to be an elegant option. It will end up adding value to your gesture of gifting someone.